Origami Tessellations: Awe-Inspring Geometric Designs

As already blogged by my friend Philip on his blog, my dear friend Eric has finally found a publisher for hisĀ  long awaited book! This should be a must-to-have for all the paper… Continue reading

Thinking like a geek

As I’m italian and surely an IT addicted I’ve always liked to discover and use some kind of strange ‘niche’ word (and this is surely one of them :P), that almost came from… Continue reading

Rounded Ico modular kirigami

I’ve recently found this interesting site talking about 3d puzzles and I decided to adapt the wooden version of this Ico to paper, making it a modular kirigami, I’ve slightly modified it rounding… Continue reading

finished lm(x,z) project ;)

Tha function study we were talking about some times ago have had its end, here is what I came up with… nothing special but funny to make, I’ve in my mind something more… Continue reading


Playing with math functions is always a pleasure and try to get the function you want by adjusting it step by step is very nice…or maybe only cause I’m a geek!… I’ve recently… Continue reading

Simple paper art

I’ve found this surfing YouTube, it’s very simple but impressive at first sight! so take a look šŸ™‚


Hi all, this was another of my flagstones. Called “nothing new under the sun” cause it uses no new shapes but the same as always: triangles, hexagons and rhombuses. However they’re arranged in… Continue reading

Bentho’s flagstone

This was my second flagstone. Just this flagstone uploaded by Bentho sometimes ago on Flickr, made for relaxing cause I’m going mad trying to fold some flagstone patterns I’ve got in my head…quite… Continue reading

Infinity flagstone

This was my first flagstone, folded just after discovering how this kind of things works, the ‘flagstone’ name derives from the nice kind of tiling that seems a real flagstone and was firstly… Continue reading

Hello world!

Hi all, welcome to my brand new blog, here I’ll post some of my origami work and other things as I find something useful to share that is not blogged elsewhere šŸ˜› currently… Continue reading